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Pancakes made with Maine Grains flour. Photo courtesy Groundswell Seed Farm.

Cranberry Orange Walnut Cake made with Maine Grains. Photo courtesy GardenMaine









Photos courtesy of Groundswell Seed Farm and GardenMaine

If you are using Maine Grains stone ground flour for the first time, there are a just a few basic principles to keep in mind. Stone ground flour has more finely ground particles of bran. This is beneficial because it adds to the nutritiousness of the flour, and the flour might also absorb more moisture than white flour. You may need to adjust the moisture in your recipe to achieve the consistency of dough or batter that you like.

A wonderfully easy and delicious way to begin using Maine Grains, and to experience the full fresh flavor of our stone-ground wheat, is to make basic pancakes. We have adapted Mark Bittman's recipe for "Everyday Pancakes" from the New York Times, featured below. Click here to download our recipe for Everyday Pancakes.

Try some other recipes, too!

Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Pancakes, Russian "Blini" *Also Includes Whole Wheat Flour

Buckwheat Pudding

Buckwheat Soup with Porcini, Beef, and Kale

Dark Chocolate Buckwheat Brownies *Also includes Whole Wheat Flour


Cheese Grits, made with Cornmeal

Cornmeal-Green Onion Hushpuppies

Cranberry-Pistachio Cornmeal Biscotti

Lime and Cornmeal Cookies with Citrus Glaze


Basic Polenta

Grilled Polenta Parmesan Bites

Rolled Oats

Basic Maine Grains Oatmeal Porridge

Carrot Cake Oaties *Also includes Sifted Flour

Oat Pancakes

Whole Grain and Pumpkin Seed Granola

Rye Flour

Fudgy Hazelnut Rye Brownies

Pumpernickel, Adapted from Jørn Ussing Larsen *Also includes Wheat Berries and your choice of Flaked, Rye, Spelt or Wheat

Sifted Flour

Blueberry Crisp *Also includes Rolled Oats

Camp Manitou's Classic French Loaf

Chocolate Torte

Lebkuchen, or "Life Cake", a German Cookie

Limpa, a Swedish Bread *Also includes Rye Flour

Vasilopita, A Greek New Year Cake

Wedding Breads, a Ukranian Tradition

Wheat Berries

Apple Pilaf

Whole Wheat Flour

Cranberry Orange Walnut Cake

Adapt these recipes with Maine Grains ingredients: 

Make your own sourdough starter!

Jim Lahey's Famous No Knead Bread

Peter Rheinhart's 100% whole wheat bread

Try making your own homemade granola! Here are some suggestions:

Jaymi Heimbuch's Granola

Honey Peanut Granola

More recipes coming soon! Stay tuned!