Organic Beans Variety Six Pack

Can’t decide on just a couple? We’ll send you a six pack of beans at a discount!

Varieties Include:
– Black Beans
– Light Red Kidney Beans
– Marfax Beans
– Pinto Beans
– Yellow Eye Beans
– Jacob’s Cattle Beans

What is a Crop Rotation & why is it important? 
It’s like a patchwork quilt.
It’s one of the oldest and most effective strategies on the farm to maintain healthy plants and soils. It’s the practice of growing small plots of different crops on the farm and rotating them from year to year in a planned sequence.Crop rotations limit pests and have economic as well as ecologic value.  Grains and beans work magically together. Crop rotations utilize nature’s most effective strategy for resilience, diversity! For farmers, rotations act like insurance, allowing for diverse income potential and weathering the unexpected. We are proud to support our grain farmers who employ this age old practice, which is good for the land and good for people!