Take a tour

We hope you’ll join us for a free tour of the gristmill, it’s truly is a unique experience.

Maine Grains is housed in the historic former Somerset County Jail building, which is also the home of a café, creamery, knit shop, radio station & weekly farmers market. We love the mill, and we think you will too.

During the tour you’ll learn about our interesting history, the process of transforming a jail into a mill, and what we’re hoping to accomplish in the years to come. We’ll tour the facility from the bottom up, so you can see our team of talented millers at work and our beautiful Austrian stone mills busily humming away, transforming whole grain into beautiful & delicious flour.

What to Expect

Please use the sign-up form to let us know you’ll be joining us. Note the time of your tour and be sure to arrive a few minutes early.

One of our grain geeks/tour guides will meet you in the Miller’s Table Café at the time of your tour, but please wait to purchase that cup of coffee or scone until after, as you won’t be able to bring it with you on the tour.

Please be aware, we are a food producing facility & you’ll be venturing near our machinery. Refrain from wearing dangly earrings, please tie back long hair, wear comfy shoes (we’ll be climbing stairs), and feel free to look but please don’t touch the equipment.

***We will be climbing up/down flights of stairs 6+ times during the tour. We understand that not everyone can make this journey! It can be a workout. Please wear comfortable closed toed shoes. The mill can be very warm or very cold, depending on the time of year. 

We are located at 42 Court St, Skowhegan ME.

The Miller’s Table Café & Dry Goods Shop entrance is on the South side of the building.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch! info@mainegrains.com


Shop in our Dry Goods Store, where you’ll find our full array of products, Maine made goods, cookbooks, bakeware, and unique gifts.

Enjoy a meal at The Miller’s Table, our cafe at Maine Grains, which showcases our wholesome, local grains. Featuring wood-fired pizza, homemade biscuits, Maine craft beers, and seasonally available local food made from scratch.

Monday-Friday Lunch 11am-2:30pm
Wednesday-Friday Dinner 4pm- 9pm
Saturday 8am-9pm

Stop in Crooked Face Creamery for a rich and creamy wheel of Applewood cold-smoked ricotta or gouda, handcrafted with high quality local whole Jersey milk.

Check out Happyknits, purveyors of knitting and crocheting supplies. Yarns are mostly blends of natural fibers: wool, alpaca, angora, mohair, silk, cotton, hemp, linen, and more.

Have a listen to Hooskow Radio, the community run radio station that operates out of our building. Tune in to 98.1 FM WXNZ world radio, a project of the Wesserunsett. Arts Council.

current tour schedule

Tours are free and open to the public! Kindly RSVP in the contact form above.

February 14th, Friday 3pm
Valentine’s Day Mill Tour 

February 28th, Friday 11am
Somerset Snow Fest Mill Tour

March 13th, Friday 11am
Mill Tour 

March 20th, Friday 11am
Mill Tour 

April 17th, Friday 11am
Mill Tour

April 27th, Monday 11am
Mill Tour 

May 11th, Monday 11am
Mill Tour

May 29th, Friday 11am
Mill Tour 

Kindly RSVP to schedule your visit. More details about tour dates below.