The Miller’s Daughter

The Miller’s Daughter celebrates community, agriculture, sustainability, and the place of grains at every table. Emma Zimmerman and her father, Jeff, co-owners of Hayden Flour Mills in Phoenix, Arizona, are at the forefront of America’s heritage grain movement, championing rare and near-extinct varieties of grain.

This collection of recipes covers breakfast, salads, sweets, savory snacks, and mains. Expand your cooking repertoire with chickpea choc chip cookies, pink polenta with pancetta, sprouted barley salad or White Sonora berry salad. Try fig and ricotta farro crust tart, einkorn crispbread, and purple barley cordial – and so much more.

This is the true and captivating story of a mill restarted, and of the host of nourishing dishes created and enjoyed along the way.


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